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Fragrance Trends 2022/2023: Feel-Good Mood – Do It Yourself – A Need For Nature.

Inspiration, endless opportunities and trends from all over the world – Spark is a global trend programme originated by Bell Flavors & Fragrances in 2021 to provide ideas and outlooks on flavours and fragrances that will delight consumers in the coming years. For the 2022/2023 season, Bell EMEA has once again created a range of inspirational new fragrances for personal and household care.

The "Feel-Good Mood" trend is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, whereas "Do it Yourself" is designed to help you escape from the stress of everyday life. The final trend is "A Need for Nature", which represents our longing for nature and completes the overall picture. It is all about positive thinking, finding ourselves and becoming one with nature. Bell's perfumers have invested many hours in developing complex fragrance collections for body and household care products that reflect these three trends. Applications of the fragrance creations for personal care products range from shower gel and shampoo to creams and lotions. In household care, the trending fragrances come across best in liquid dishwashing detergents and fabric softener.  

Feel-Good Mood


One topic has been keeping us in suspense for the last two years: The COVID-19 pandemic. Over time, it has not only become an indicator of how important our physical health is but has also increased the awareness of how essential our mental well-being is. People are desperately longing to feel joyful, happy and satisfied. This is exactly where "Feel-Good Mood" comes in. Consumer products that can boost your mood and trigger positive feelings are more in demand than ever. Suitable associated colours range from intense orange, yellow and pink to pastel hues from the same colour family. Olfactory profiles which can evoke the desired good mood are particularly sparkling citrus scents such as grapefruit or orange, juicy-summery fruit notes and floral nuances. "Feel-Good Mood" delivers a feeling of pure joy, like a confetti rain, that lifts your spirits and allows you to forget your worries for a short moment.

Do It Yourself


We live in times where everything has to happen fast. In our social media channels and all other areas of life, we are permanently being informed of the latest trends. We all feel like we practically need to run just to keep up. This is why more and more people are taking up leisure activities that offset the stress of everyday life and allow them to express themselves. "Do It Yourself" brings calm and inner balance. The trend ranges from baking cakes, repairing broken items and growing herbs to crafting products from natural materials. Another reason why "Do It Yourself" has become mainstream is raising environmental awareness in society. It is more sustainable to make things yourself or repair them than to buy new items. Soft and warm fragrance profiles embody this trend, complementing the calm and relaxed feeling many consumers are looking for.

A Need For Nature


The name of this trend says it all. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic at the latest, a new perception of nature has taken root. People are using nature as a refuge and a source of relaxation and well-being, as well as a location for little adventures. In these times of climate change, the appreciation of nature is taking on a whole new dimension. "A Need for Nature", the third trend, is based on this development. Anyone who loves spending time in nature tends to surround themselves in daily life with personal and household care products that in a way have a connection to nature. The appropriate colours are shades of green and blue, which have a calming effect and immediately trigger associations of forests, meadows and lakes. It goes without saying that this can be transferred to the olfactory level using green, fresh forest-like and woody notes to take consumers on an imaginary walk through the woods. The fragrance range is rounded off with refreshing, watery scents that are reminiscent of mountain lakes or the sea.

Home » News » FRAGRANCE TRENDS 2022/23

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