Scented Glass Jar Candle with for Home Decor 4.5oz
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Scented Glass Jar Candle with for Home Decor 4.5oz

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  • Qingdao, China

  • 100, 000

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal

  • AFGJ065080

  • 1.5*10cm

  • 25 Hours

  • Filling

  • 4.5oz

  • OEM Customized Logo Design

  • 1000psets

  • by Third Party Like SGS, Its, etc.

  • Gift Package

  • Hand Poured Scented Candle

  • Clear, Printed, Mercury, Decal.etc

  • art fortune

  • Export Standard

  • 6.5*8cm

  • China

  • 340600090

  • Votive

  • Paraffin Wax

  • Decoration, Home Lighting, Birthday, Party, Wedding, Religion, SPA, Holiday, Funeral

  • Tranquilizing

  • Multi-Colored

  • Mint & Vanilla


high quality scented glass jar candle with metal lid and ribbon for home decor

Detailed image:

Scented Glass Jar Candle with for Home Decor 4.5oz Scented Glass Jar Candle with for Home Decor 4.5oz Scented Glass Jar Candle with for Home Decor 4.5oz Scented Glass Jar Candle with for Home Decor 4.5oz
Gift candle set for promotion
Glass candle
Scented candle
Votive candle

Aroma candle, pillar candle Valentine Jar Candle
1. Modern design, good quality, competitve price, timely shipment
2. Various scent and color for your selection
3. Wax: Soy wax, paraffin wax, plam wax
4. We can produce according to customer's request
5. We can put customer's logo on the product
we cooperated with world famous top fragrance houses : Symrise from Germany , CPL from UK ,
IFF from USA , Givandan from Switzerland,Rober from France and so on .

Below fragrances can be choosed by our clients:
Scented Glass Jar Candle with for Home Decor 4.5oz
No. Popular fragrances
include but not limited as below
1 Amber Santal 31 Elderberry 61 Jasmine Tea 91 Pomegranate
2 Apple 32 Eucalyptus 62 Jampee Flower 92 Peony
3 Apple Blossom 33 Eucalyptus Lavender 63 Kiwifruit 93 Pythoncidere
4 Apricot 34 Eucalyptus Peppermint 64 Lavender 94 Raspberry
5 Avocado 35 Evening Primrose 65 Lemon 95 Red bean paste
6 Baking Coconut 36 Faint Scent Jasmine 66 Lemon Ginger 96 Red tea Blossom
7 Banana 37 Fairy Flower 67 Lemongrass 97 Rose
8 Basil 38 Flower Powder Scent 68 Lily 98 Rosemary
9 Bergamot 39 Forest Fragrance 69 Lilac Flower 99 Sakura
10 Blackcurrant 40 Fresh Flower 70 Lotus Flower 100 Sandalwood
11 Black Coffee 41 Fresh Linen 71 Mango 101 Santal Rose
12 Blueberry 42 Fresh Milk 72 Medicine Scent 102 Sea Wind
13 Bubble-gum 43 Fig 73 Milk 103 Spring Bamboo
14 Butterfly Flower 44 Frankincense 74 Mint 104 Strawberry
15 Cherry 45 Fruit Mango 75 Musk Rose 105 Sweet Corn
16 Chocolate 46 Geranium 76 Myrrh 106 Sweet Orange
17 Cinnamon 47 Ginger & sandalwood 77 Narcissi Flower 107 Tea Peppermint
18 Cinnamon Apple 48 Ginger Flower 78 Neroli 108 Toffee
19 Citronella 49 Ginseng 79 Orchid 109 Vanilla cream
20 Citrus Lemon 50 Grape 80 Orange and Bergamot 110 Violet
21 Citrus Perfume 51 Grapefruit 81 Ocean breeze 111 Wild Cotton
22 Clary Sage 52 Green Apple 82 Osmanthus 112 Wild Cotton & Ylang
23 Clove 53 Green Grapefruit 83 Osmanthus Santal 113 White Tea
24 Coconut 54 Green Tea 84 Papaya 114 White Lily & Ylang
25 Coffee 55 Hami Melon 85 Patchouli Orange 115 Warm Amber and Fig
26 Cool Cucumber 56 Herbal Medicine 86 Peach 116 Watermelon
27 Cool Peppermint 57 Honey 87 Pine Wood 117 White Orchid
28 Cranberry 58 Honey Peach 88 Pineapple 118 Wild Strawberry
29 Dragon Fruit 59 Hyacinth Flower 89 Pineapple Papaya 119 White fig and patchouli
30 Eaglewood 60 Indian Santal 90 Pleasant Forest 120 Ylang Ylang
No. Compound Flavor
include but not limited as below
1 Banana and Orchid 8 Lemongrass and Pine 15 Ginger and Lily 22 Sea Breeze
2 Bubblegum and Icecream 9 Mango and Pine 16 Grapefruit and Mimosa 23 Strawberry and Birch
3 Champagne Rose and Lavender 10 Grapefruit and Mimosa 17 Honeysuckle and Tulip 24 Vanilla and Cherry
4 Cinnamon and Ginger 11 Peach and Apple 18 Lavender and Rosemary 25 Vanilla and Sweetmint
5 Dragonfruit and Blossom 12 Pumpkin and Spiced Apple 19 Lemongrass and Bergamot 26 White Sandlewood
6 Eucalyptus and Raspberry 13 Sakura and Frankincense 20 Lemongrass and Lime 27 White tea
7 Frankincense and Sweetmint 14 Sandlewood and Jasmine 21 Lavender and Vanilla 28 Sakura rice and cherry

Company Information
Qingdao Art Fortune Co.,Limited is specialized in various kinds of candles,home fragrance items and candle holders. Now our candle products are ranging from basic candles such as white candle,tealight candle,church candle to novelty craft candles, including wax filled glasses, sculptured pillars,flameless LED candles,birthday candles etc.
We offer fashion design,new product development and OEM &ODM services.Our design team can assist you to create unique looks that well translate into Sales.
With more than 5 years experience in internation trade ,now we have found a good market in the Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.Also we have built good relationships with many esteemed companys such as Marks & Spencer,AVON ,Coles etc.

Our candle factory just got approved by Marks&Spencer's Food department during Factory Technical Audit in September .2017 !

Our advantage:
Global Version of Design-
We can design and produce according to client's special request, and add client's own logo on the product as well as the packaging.
Grasp of Popular Trends-
Our design team can assist you to create unique looks that well translate into Sales..

Scented Glass Jar Candle with for Home Decor 4.5oz

Qualified product
We have strict Vertical quality control system . Our QC colleague travel frequently for each raw material and item, We inspect the products at least four times.

Scented Glass Jar Candle with for Home Decor 4.5oz

Our factory image-

Scented Glass Jar Candle with for Home Decor 4.5oz

Feel free to contact us by the following ways.
Qingdao Art Fortune Co., Limited
Address: No 19. Miaoling Rd,Qingdao,China.


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If you have any question /seek business cooperation,please contact us at any time!
We are committed to providing you with satisfactory service!
Qingdao Art Fortune Imp/Exp Co.,Ltd. specialized in various kinds of candles, home fragrance items and candle holders.

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